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We support square payment, and the optional card types are American Express, VISA, Master Card, and JCB. 

It’s OK. The first step is to contact our customer service as soon as possible. As long as the item has not shipped we can easily cancel your order, but there will be a 2% cancellation fee. In the event that your item has already shipped please reference our return policy.  

As soon as your order is submitted you will instantly receive a confirmation e-mail outlining the details of your order.  

Our biggest concern is that you are satisfied with your purchase. If it happens, please be sure to contact our customer service the first time, explain the damage and attach pictures. If your goods are partially damaged, we can replace them for free; If your goods are completely damaged, please reject them and contact our customer service for replacement or refund.

We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible, and most often you won’t find anything for less. While comparing prices please be sure you include the shipping costs and any taxes.

All Sale prices are final at the time that you place your order. Should an item that you have purchased become further reduced during the Sale, we will not provide a refund or credit note for the difference in amounts. Further reductions on items may occur based on the availability, quantity and performance of each design during the period of our Sale.

We reserve the rights to adjust prices as required.

Our sale is not available in-store, it is online only.

Please note that only one coupon can be used per transaction. This policy will not and cannot be amended as our online store can not customize or automate such requests.

Variances and veins found throughout our pearls are naturally occurring characteristics. These naturally occurring variances are not deemed as faulty and are characteristics unique to each piece. Our pearl beads may feature bead holes which are standard in the production process of pearl beads globally. The placement of these bead holes are unique to each pearl. 

To avoid tarnishing and prolong the life of your ornaments we recommend keeping them in the box provided. Additionally, to maintain their shine and condition it is recommended that they do not come into contact with chlorine, nail polish removers, body lotions, soaps, perfume and hairspray.

To clean your ornaments, we recommend using a suede cloth. Please do not use water or any other cleaning agents as they can be abrasive and can remove the plating from the ornament.